Writing approaches for students

Donovan, C. Lessons should last minutes each day and focus on writing fluently and automatically rather than on forming perfect letters or positioning the letters precisely between the lines.

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Journal of Educational Psychology, Teachers devoted less and less time to formal handwriting drills, though many children still practiced copying the alphabet in workbooks.

Some approaches, such as short, structured handwriting lessons and strategy instruction, have a strong research base to support them. This may occur because the technology needed to write digital texts is too expensive or because the curriculum focuses on traditional paper-based writing.

Note errors. However, much more research is needed to answer this question McQuitty, The Language Experience Approach The Language Experience approach can also be used as a starting point with beginning and improving writers, for writing practice and for developing writing skills.

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When children receive specific instruction about how to give feedback, they are better able to help one another.

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The Process Approach