Writing a company policy and procedure manual

writing a company policy and procedure manual

Deductions and reimbursements Policies that state that salary advances or loans will be deducted from an employee's final paycheck violate some states' laws. An important aspect of a modern effective policy and procedure manual includes the use of the Internet.

How to develop policies and procedures

Also the provisions of the union contract will apply when they are different from those described in your policy and procedure manual. Be sure you understand exactly why a form is used. For example, do you need an e-mail or texting policy, or can it be part of your communication policy? Just as you did with your mission statement, use facts, not superlatives in writing your company story. The ADA requires a flexible leave policy that takes into consideration an evaluation of each individual case. Company policies and procedures are in place to protect the rights of workers as well as the business interests of employers. It also is important to include in the document that it is not the final word on all company policies.

Using a strict legal definition for harassment policy restricts an employer's ability to put a stop to inappropriate behavior before it goes any further.

Depending on the appropriate national and state regulations for your area, this section relates clear guidelines for safe behavior on the job, including the safe use of equipment and supplies. You also can look online for templates you can download, such as Microsoft Office Policy Manual.

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Once you have the official approval, you can consider your policy process officially sanctioned. Although business philosophies vary from company to company, Marvin Bower in his book, The Will to Manage, offers the following concepts as typical components of a successful company: high ethical standards a fact-founded, thoughtful approach to decision making sensitivity to changes in the business environment employees judged on the basis of their performance a sense of competitive urgency A strong company philosophy will ensure that everyone from executives on down to hourly employees will have a basis upon which to conduct company business.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking: satisfaction quick response time personal attention As you consider these points, you will soon see that they reflect your mission statement.

How to write guidelines and procedures

Policies that are too general may make it difficult to hold employees accountable for their actions. As a result, it is a strong building block for your policy and procedure manual. Policy statement: what is the policy statement of your organization specific to the topic? State that the manual is subject to change and revision. Do your customers and employees know what it is? Do you have one? If you are starting from scratch, you can look at policy and procedure templates online, such as templates from Microsoft Word or QuickBooks, as a starting point. The ADA requires a flexible leave policy that takes into consideration an evaluation of each individual case. Your policy and procedure manual can include details on what Internet use is and is not appropriate at the office. These policies often outline smoking procedures employees must follow if allowed to smoke on business premises.

Consult your attorney for suggested wordings of your policy statement. Select a technology to manage the process Using a single source of truth as you write policies and procedures is another way to simplify the process.

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This section addresses issues of honesty theftof appearance, and of job performance.

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Company Policies: Templates for Employers