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Graphics should enhance your storyline. Flashbacks should be used with great caution. It is unoriginal. Exceeding Illustrations and details are present and connect to all the written pages. Exceeding The flow of the story is present throughout and the voice of the author is present throughout the story. Peer review session 1 day 7. Proficient Neatness is present, but student was capable of more creative work. Let the illustrations present the physical details of the character. Grammar All proofreading skills are adapted within the writing.

Some of the most common concerns of children include acceptance by others, family dynamics, physical growth especially size and looksand fear of the unknown e. Editing and Publishing Creative ideas and neatness are present throughout.

Satisfactory There are errors in grammar and sentence formation. Proficient Student used class time effectively but did not turn in assignment on the due date. Story does not have a climax and does not relate to the overall theme of the assignment.

Four of the most common types of conflict are individual vs.

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Let the illustrations present the physical details of the character. Spelling errors, run-ons and fragments are corrected.

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Children's Book Writing Project Rubric by Happyedugator