Words to use in cover letters

Keywords are used to match an applicant with an available job. All great points to touch on in this letter.

how to start a cover letter

Be honest. Personality Descriptors Write down words that you and others would use to describe you. Use adjectives in your cover letter that provide assurance of your commitment to following privacy rules and regulations.

For instance, are you an upbeat, imaginative and resourceful person? The first paragraph specifies the position for which you are applying and the means by which you came to know about the job opportunity.

Cover letter vocabulary

For example, instead of saying "Quantitative stock analysis is an asset which I would bring to your firm," you could say: I utilized quantitative stock valuation techniques to create a portfolio for high net worth clients, which beat the market for three consecutive years. With my technical skills and understanding of your market, I can step into the position and be immediately productive. Think: personable and professional. The first should be about the employer, the second should be about you and the third should be about the company. Use adjectives that highlight your interpersonal qualities. Avoid being insincere, and focus on building a true relationship with your future hiring manager. In your cover letter, insert at least three personal qualities that best describe you. As we discussed earlier, my extensive professional experience can benefit virtually any employer. Example: My references will confirm that I am a determined, tenacious, and goal-driven real estate agent. After all, a cover letter is intended to show you off and captivate a hiring manager, kind of like a movie trailer. The position description indicates the employee will report to the lead electrical engineer. These words fall into three general categories: skill words, results-oriented words, and words which show recognition for achievements. Image: Deviant Art Javid Muhammedali, the vice president of product management at Monster , tells Mashable that keywords change depending on the job you're applying for. This information was critical to him landing a job with the large hotel company. Body Paragraphs Expressing your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for demonstrates your dedication to a job.

Body Paragraphs Expressing your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for demonstrates your dedication to a job. Although I am a recent university graduate, my.

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Third paragraph I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my qualifications make me ideally suited to the position.

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3 career experts share the keywords that stand out on a cover letter