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Judy Stigger, a counselor at the Cradle and herself a white adoptive mother of two black children, now adults, makes the issues tangible to prospective parents by relating personal stories.

At the time I understood nothing of the historical politics of race and class, or the ill effects of poverty. Clearly, someone had opened them, read them, and Xeroxed the originals.

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If we have the supports in place, these families and these kids could do so much better. Instead Carol has found another family who will take him, who will adopt him. But in other ways, adoption myths betray our children by giving lie to their origins.

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This has been traumatic to us and combined with his acting out, is more then we can handle. She and her husband put the house on lockdown and kept Henry in their line of sight at all times. He is also hostile toward me Mom. Gaining a new member to the family can sometimes be challenging, especially if there are other kids involved. This can be for a variety of reasons, they can be addicted to drugs, homeless with no means of support or they have passed away and there is no other family member to take the child or children. Consequently, the child suffers from behavioral issues such as anger, aggression, resentment, and depression towards the biological mother and the adopting family. Foster youth are unintentionally damaged by the systems that are meant to care for them and that is why they require additional services, in order to be able to overcome the obstacles they might face when transitioning out of foster care and into independent living. To qualify for services, Patty and Wyatt had to check off a list of problem behaviors such as lighting fires in the home and wielding knives. She worked their insurance for referrals, begged the school for resources and read up online. Children may never get the family or home they need because so many people feel that adoption is wrong because some things can go wrong.

Her newest children raged and fought and struggled to learn how to live in a family. I could afford to take care of more children.

This hope is badly misplaced.

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According to the Evan B. She took Henry to see a leading child neuropsychologist specializing in treating adopted children with severe issues. But in some ways bringing him home would be like asking an alcoholic to live in a bar. Adoption and foster care is used as a solution to a child not having an adequate home, but because of its many issues, the child is put into an unfavorable position and left with an uncertain future. Many of these children constantly lash out at caregivers and rage violently at perceived threats. Adoptive parents should never question their obligation to the children they commit to parenting. Throughout his youth, he said, he felt awkward around other blacks. The hard truth is that adoption is not just like giving birth.

It was developed as sort of a safe haven for children to go when their family life and environmental conditions were not in the best interests of the child Lawrence, Carlson, and Egeland,

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