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You can now read ebooks on every tablet and even on every smartphone! Of course the paper piled up!

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If you still receive a lot of junk mail, you can even hire websites e. YES, we do spend a lot more money on food, because we only buy organic produce and dry goods. We only have what we truly need. Some magazines offer a digital subscription and have apps supporting a pleasant reading experience. I reuse the back of envelopes and letters to write down some quick notes and then recycle it. Same goes for banks. Go follow him on Instagram , he captures great street scenes! With over 67, followers on Instagram and 9, on Facebook, her positive influence reaches far and wide. The little paper that does manages to sneak into your home is most probably well worth your attention.

Not what you don't. I used to have some newspaper subscriptions, but I never had the time to read the entire paper, and seeing how fast the old newspapers were piling up I felt that I was simply wasting resources.

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How to reduce your paper waste and to get rid of that paper clutter