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Garland explains that there needs to be changes in Americans schools. Kids go to health class and learn about what foods are unhealthy and how to make better choices. Because kids don't want carrots or apples, they want French fries and hamburgers. Standing in the lunchline, you can see your options.

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Yet, child obesity rates have nearly doubled in thirty years according to the Centers for Disease and prevention Control. While all students may not want to eat healthy, there are a few examples of different students taking a stand against their unhealthy lunch options. In conclusion having healthier options will help everyone have a healthier diet at school. There are overwhelmingly too many obese children because of school lunch menu. The first thing one may take notice of is the obese or heavier students also seated at the tables. Surprisingly, 8 of the parents said yes to allowing junk foods to be served in schools. School lunches are expensive, and home lunches are healthier. Do you know what the school lunches in France look like. It has more than doubled since Your body is not designed for harsh amounts of sodium, fat, and sugar. Nearly 20 percent of children in the U. Schools are changing salad bars for ice cream bars and fruit for candy.

In the study, the conductors looked through 1, school and parent-packed lunches of pre-k and kindergarten students in three Virginia schools. I am not really familiar in the process that goes into making school lunches or what ingredients and nutrients are in them, i do know from personal experience that they are not the healthiest things that kids should be consuming everyday.

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Posted by Steven at. One is that they are being told that "repeated exposure to fruits and vegetables eventually leads children to eat more of them The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in teenagers sinceleading to type two diabetes and other health concerns Yeoman Their role in the consumer decision making are very important.

Therefore, this leads to a suggestion: Healthier, tastier foods and a better, advanced lunch system should be implemented.

Argumentative essay healthy school lunches

Although schools have problems with purchasing locally grown foods, farmers have been working to increase the use of locally grown foods in school menus. The school lunches need variety because every day there is the same food over and over again. Competitive foods were mostly junk or branded fast food, but they were However, in the beginning, selling excess agricultural goods was more important than building a healthy, well-balanced meal for students. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in teenagers since , leading to type two diabetes and other health concerns Yeoman Also, the healthy food is not in every single lunch line it is only in about half of them. First Lady Michelle Obama, felt that too many American kids are overweight, so she thought she needed to make our school lunches healthier, with more fruits and vegetables. As more student learn about their unhealthy school lunches and the benefits of locally grown foods, they want to make a change to better their school lunches. According to the Center of Disease Control, unhealthy eating patterns in childhood and adolescence may prevent lifelong health problems in the future Center of Disease Control. Buy Essay Papers Obesity causes diabetes, cancers, strokes, and many other health problems.

The community and parents need to change laws to promote healthy nutrition in schools. The USDA allows all of processed foods that are harmful to our children

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