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How will you be sure to address the essential needs of the students in your classroom? An answer to this question lies in differentiating instruction.

Product Tiered assignments can also be differentiated based on product.

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What supports can you give teachers in determining readiness levels of students in relation to the learning targets? What is a Tiered Lesson? Step 2: Create an activity that is challenging, engaging, and targets the topic or skill.

It is an organized, yet flexible way of proactively adjusting teaching and learning to meet students where they are and help all students achieve maximum growth as learners Tomlinson, Learning Targets I can describe effective components of a tiered task.

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How will you ensure that all students are held accountable to the same grade-level standards? Are there other skills that must be taught first? How does this lesson maintain alignment to the rigorous Common Core Standards? One way to differentiate process for heterogeneous classrooms is to design tiered lessons. When you form groups based on the readiness needs of individual students, Tier I may have two groups of three students, Tier II five groups of four students, and Tier III may have one group of two students. One flexible group may use a magazine while another may use a traditional textbook. Tier three: high level What types of clues does the author give the reader about the main character? No matter how you choose to differentiate the lesson—readiness, interest, or learning profile—the number of groups per tier will vary, as will the number of students per tier. Know — facts, definitions, information, vocabulary. Learning Targets I can describe effective components of a tiered task.

Before tiering a lesson on a particular skill or topic area, the teacher should preassess the students. Why does the author give the reader clues about the character? What might be some challenges that you face when creating equitable and respectful tasks? Even when students are already homogeneously grouped in classes by ability, there is still variance in their ability levels that must be addressed.

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Tiered Lessons: One Way to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction