Theories of reflective practice essay

In reality, it ended up costing us far more time than expected and we also had to stress and rush through the rewrite. We therefore had to rewrite most of the assignment to make it a coherent piece of work. If you find that only a few of the questions are helpful for you, focus on those.

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Finally, I will speak my mind when I have concerns, by remembering it can benefit the outcome. It is also important for students as it helps one become more self-aware, on the grounds of a social and political context.

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What were you feeling before and after the situation? Try to be as objective and honest as possible. When I reflect I begin to make out the main points in detail of an experience, what it tells me about my own skills, why it happens perhaps, what I did well and a plan for what I might do differently in future. Description Here you have a chance to describe the situation in detail. In conclusion, I found the importance of critical and reflection in any practice and it is an approach to professional practice that emphasizes the need for practitioners to avoid standardised, formula responses to the situations they encounter. Action plan At this step you plan for what you would do differently in a similar or related situation in the future. It covers 6 stages: Description of the experience Feelings and thoughts about the experience Evaluation of the experience, both good and bad Analysis to make sense of the situation Conclusion about what you learned and what you could have done differently Action plan for how you would deal with similar situations in the future, or general changes you might find appropriate. It is important to indicate my learning style in order for me to achieve my highest potential. When we had to rewrite it, I felt frustrated. What else could I have done? Gibbs originally advocated its use in repeated situations, but the stages and principles apply equally well for single experiences too. Analysis: Dividing work according to individual strengths is useful. Aldershot, England: Ashgate Share, P. What did you want to happen? Now you have a chance to extract meaning from it.

When we tried to piece the assignment together it was written in different styles and therefore we had to spend time rewriting it. Who was present?

Theories of reflective practice essay

Adapted from Gibbs G To assist the learning process, reflection can be a powerful tool to help identify strengths and weaknesses. What were you thinking during the situation? What was the outcome of the situation? Helpful questions: What did I learn from this situation? Reece and Walker , p. Next, if we decide to divide work, I will insist that we plan out what we expect from it beforehand. Schon was an influential writer on reflection and had two main ways of identifying reflection and they were reflection in action and reflection on action. Learning from class mates and lectures has also been an important method for change in professional practice. Moreover, the fact that two people from the group cancelled plans motivated us to work harder in the evening. Reflective practice involves thinking about how I preformed and analyse my actions with the aim of improving professional practice. Critically reflective practice looks beliefs and assumptions one may have that they did not know of. First I must identify my own preferred learning style as everyone learns in different ways. If I have any concerns, I will tell the group. Lastly, I will remember the dangers of groupthink, and what the theory suggests to look out for.

Now you have a chance to extract meaning from it. I also feel it is essential to enhance my current knowledge of youth and community work and monitor my progress.

Get Essay He reflects on the phenomenon before him, and on the prior understandings which have been implicit in his behaviour.

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Essay on importance of reflective practice