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What Are the Qualities of a Good Movie? Making movies is a huge responsibility and there is a definitive pleasure in witnessing a team that has embraced that responsibility to the fullest. Ask a group of Christians what they think qualifies as a good movie, and the answers will vary—widely.

Yet, every other character that we see on the screen might have an equally compelling tale that the filmmakers have chosen to ignore. Are they thinking about the frame, the light, the way they move the camera, the influence of the design? Film can also kidnap an audience and make them complicit in some sort of previously unarticulated desire, albeit most often the trinity of sex, death, and violence.

There is a similar effect with color palate and fabric texture.

Elements of a good movie

Never underestimate your strengths and powers. Does the filmmaker understand or look to exploit this difference, and if not, then, why not? Films that provide audiences this freedom and openness are generally some of my favorites. Provocation Of The Audience Any moviemaker or filmmaker must possess the best skills of communication in order to produce quality film. Exotic locales, romance, adventure, laughs, and tears? Yet, every other character that we see on the screen might have an equally compelling tale that the filmmakers have chosen to ignore. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? Identifies characters and actors, using parenthesis to indicate the actor's name. A filmmaker demonstrates a respect for individuals, in all their aberrations, and a love for humanity in general, when they require the actors to never judge their characters and let their interior to emerge over time and in details. All of these are questions pertaining to whether a story is well told. Are such techniques breaking new ground? Includes relevant outside information, such as actual history of events depicted in film If someone else had directed it, would it have suffered? Identifies strengths as well as weaknesses of plot, characters, adaptation to film, etc.

However, a huge population do. Your storyline might be told through an individual or individuals. It is a harder question to answer although people have tried for centuries.

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There is a quality inherent in certain films that acknowledge the privilege of making films and the pleasure that comes with getting to exercise that privilege. The instructor then assessed the work handed in, and compiled the qualities identified by students as those which make a good film review. I am always taken by the filmmaker, who in pursuit of originality is willing to fail, by the filmmaker who risks elegance or perfection in service to taking the audience somewhere new. Film has the capacity to transform an audience, and an ambitious filmmaker hopes to finish the film with an audience that is no longer the same as when they entered the theater. Yet, when such access is achieved, I am always impressed, even when it preys upon that which I wish went undisturbed. Uses a rating system and shows highest possible, such as 3 out of 5 stars. Are such techniques breaking new ground? Who wrote this essay? Uses specific examples, quotes and scenes from the film to support claims. The attempt to unify these two different strands is itself a pleasure to witness, whether or not the filmmakers have actually achieved some form of synthesis. A movie does not have to be a singular tone. Virtual worlds can be created via websites and other materials.

Nothing is as important as an ambition and a desire to achieve.

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Want to be a good film director? These are the qualities you need