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The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving gives a few examples as to why life is meaningless to some people. Shelby, a Kentucky plantation owner, must sell two of his slaves in order to settle his debt with Haley, a slave trader This journey through self-discovery is also called life.

After working in movies like She's All That and The Skulls, Paul got his role in with The Fast and the Furious, which would become his star vehicle and keep him busy through four sequels This story exemplifies the painful but honest truth in what can happen in families today.

Shug on the other hand represents Independence and intolerance.

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Walker was born on February 9,in Eatonton, Georgia. He shows no sympathy for those who come to him seeking loans, and instead bleeds them dry.

Humans are not all good, there are some cruel people in this world Walkers strategy was to show feminist and racism in her novel. Once he becomes a moneylender in Boston he appears as a friend to people in need, but slowly he squeezes "his customers closer and closer" until they have nothing left. She graduated in which is also the same year that her first story was published. On one side, silence can be negative and harmful. Each of these has a different significance to each person based on his or her own experiences As children grow up and go off into the world, they cross paths with new people and become caught up in the never-ending whirlwind of differing opinions and a new identity within themselves. Many grow into the false realization that they have to come in touch with their culture, without first understanding where they are truly from It is a show of strength to be able to resist desire in favor of what is right; Tom was weak, and he paid the price. This story exemplifies the painful but honest truth in what can happen in families today. Tom by Michelle Magorian - 'Goodnight Mr.

In society, men feel entitled to abuse their wives whenever they feel discouraged or depressed. He tries all he can to pull out of his deal by carrying a Bible with him everywhere he goes an

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