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During this time, trading was thriving, and this allowed for innovative ideas to spread. It even changed the architecture as Middle Eastern buildings became a more common sight, directly influencing the creation of Renaissance markets, such as Venice.

Its artists are innovative, highly devoted to the work of art their working on, and above all else committed to the recreation of a different style of art following the Middle Ages.

Not only were his structures amazing, but during his time he also invented new technology that would allow for his structures to be built. Michelangelo is one of the founders of High Renaissance and an exponent of a big movement called Mannerism. This creative artistic cultural change in Northern Europe, which influenced by Italy, is called the Northern Renaissance was approximately started around A.

The period was characterized by major art movements based on national art and regional art. Italy was forming into an urban city. The exchange between cultures can also be seen in the art work of the time.

During this time, society conformed to the feudal system which was based on the hierarchy approach which upper class had control over the lower class. The Dark Ages was a time that consisted of barbarian attacks, whose sole intent was to erase the ancient teachings.

The book is very detailed and contains another portrait in it. Renaissance art from Northern Europe emphasized precise detail as a means of achieving a realistic work. The blurring and decreasing of light uniquely unite the foreground and background

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Essay about Early Renaissance Art