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The British retail major wanted to deliver a multi-channel experience comprising 14 combinations of order and fulfillment. Another purpose reviled by the brand is that if someone shared this on any social media, Paper Boat will donate Rs. Here are 6 of the most memorable digital marketing campaigns of They not only looked at the desktop experience, but focused equally on the tablet and mobile shopping experience to be sure that customers would be able to navigate the site, find items, and checkout with ease —— no matter where they were shopping. The leads generated via Tech Revolution, were routed to their website, based on which sales executives were able to readily connect with consumers. Basically, in each family, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to channels. As a result, customers resorted to calling support with basic requests, tying up support lines, causing customer dissatisfaction and increased support costs. They also used email marketing to promote it to their audience. They developed content around solving problem to use keywords their customers used in organic search. So your ideal number of visits should be over 32, This could potentially lead to double counting. And, the same purpose is very well carried by the team through digital marketing campaigns.

Here are the 20 best digital marketing case studies of to inspire in across the areas of content marketing, ecommerce, mobile, social media, UX experience and video.

They created a drop-down widget on the homepage which led to optimized landing pages, each focusing on one of the reasons for taking out a reverse mortgage. They created numerous innovative campaigns that targeted the emotional side of the audience and made them in love with the brand.

KKR team has the most engagement with their fans and followers due to its digital marketing strategies.

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You can analyze now how much followers Paper Boat got during the campaign. Result: In this particular case, certain metrics are irrelevant.

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While being controversial and touching on difficult themes can serve to empower a digital marketing campaign and the people that engage with it, unless your product, service or message is in-line with the theme in question, as well as your brand values, you should avoid this approach at all costs. The process needed to mitigate traffic disruption, improve traffic, and increase organic search results. The campaign we have been talking about can set a great example of online marketing campaigns, especially in e-commerce industries. As Paper Boat mission states, the purpose of these drinks was to take you back in those memories and float a boot this monsoon. Of course, this is just a break even rate. Maybe you want people to fill out their contact information through Twitter cards. One particular focus of the Panthers was to improve the mobile shopping experience. Overstock regularly used search ads. During the same independence celebration, the top-hole brand Amazon India went for innovative marketing strategies with goods ads as well as offers and using them wisely on social media. The campaign ended up generating over 7, form leads, a valuable addition for a campaign focused on brand consideration. They created numerous innovative campaigns that targeted the emotional side of the audience and made them in love with the brand. Moreover, YouTube is the second most influential social media platform for influencing purchases. Does your business need direction in digital next year?

Understanding that influencer marketing coupled with powerful video content and a creative concept has the potential to boost brand and product awareness significantly, Amazon plugged their cutting-edge Alexa-powered voice assistant, the Echo, with a piece of video content featuring a host of world-renowned celebrities from a host of different fields, from comedy to cooking.

KFC was placed among the five fastest-growing social media brands in India. Maybe you want to maximize the amount of traffic that you drive to a specific page.

digital case studies 2018

Agencies from any country can submit case studies for the Digital Training Academy to consider. Basically, in each family, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to channels. If you'd like to submit examples of your work then email them into CaseStudies DigitalTrainingAcademy.

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