State of the nation address 2016

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State of the nation 2016

Thus, I order all agencies and oversight bodies and local government units down to the barangay level to fully implement the Magna Carta for Women. I don't aim to that much ambition. Maski dito lang. So it overheats because connect-connect na lang sila kung sino yung minsan magnakaw. With regard to the West Philippine Sea otherwise known as [South] China Sea, we strongly affirm and respect the outcome of the case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration as an important contribution to the ongoing efforts to pursue the peaceful resolution and management of our disputes. We are planning to increase spending on basic education and incorporate mandatory education about the evils of drugs. Moreover, a one-stop shop will be established within the civil aviation complex for the benefit of the Overseas Filipinos. Kaya hindi lang kami nag Addressing global warming shall all will be our top priority, but upon a fair and equitable equation. Doon, yung mga tao nandiyan sa pavement natutulog. Allow me a little bit of informality at the outset. There is an Executive Order, it's out. Masasaktan lang mamatay for no reason at all. Now, iyan ang sinasabi ko, if you want the long way, fine.

Nandyan pa. We will increase the number of residential treatment and rehabilitation facilities in all regions of the country.

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While the government is always ready to help you, you must first help yourself. So, if you put so much restrictions doon sa treaty na yan, the treaty which we are trying to it's still here in the Senate. We will lower personal and corporate income tax rates [applause] and relax the bank secrecy laws.

You think this is just a You can chart your fate, but do it within constitutional and legal means.

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Be back next week, tingnan mo yung work load and I will require every department, yung dito sa itaas. It is not for these people to make the corrections because they are not in a position to do it. In this quest, I will put at stake my honor, my life, and the presidency itself. May ambulansya doon. Tapos umalis ka, kunin mo doon sa tindahan yung bag o package. Dito naman eh To address backlogs and low prosecutorial effectiveness and efficiency, the investigation and case management processes shall be streamlined including those for illegal drugs and heinous crimes. Wala na ako niyan. You must have an actuarial projections there. We shall also enhance local business environment by addressing bottlenecks in business registration and processing, streamlining investment application process and integration the services of various government offices. It is both ironic and tragic and it is endless.

Panay ang bigay natin para… [laughter and applause] Sabihin naman ni Senator Drilon, 'Binack-bite ka dito. You copy the France system. Mag-apply ako, ten days.

state of the nations address

The problem is I can only act through agencies and departments. Moro pati Christian.

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Papirmahin mo siya. So maga-alas tres na, tapos extemporaneous siya, para ring congressman. Kaya kayong mga kapatid kong mga Moro, alam naman ninyo. Huwag sa computer. Do not let it remain idle. Ilagay mo yan sa Filipino na driver, sutoy talaga kayo doon, maglampas kayo. Wala na ako niyan.
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The State of the Nation Address