Sports philosophy essays

Is it unfair for fellow athletes to compete in the same category as these athletes who are — sometimes literally — head and shoulders above their competitors?

philosophy of sport management

Adidas has launched a gene testing scouting programme to find new soccer players. Nevertheless, her case seemed to go under the radar for good after the London Olympics, when she finished second after the Russian athlete Mariya Savinova.

Should the IAAF prove this case, its regulations would be reinstated, making it harder than ever for another athlete to win an appeal.

She fought the decision and refused to stop competing as a female.

just what does philosophy have to contribute to reflection about sports and moral values

Pistorius was a handsome white male athlete who had overcome many misfortunes, including congenital malformation of leg bones that led to amputation, and the early loss of his mother.

The contrast between the way that the media portrayed Pistorius and Semenya was striking. The pragmatic experimentalistic ethic as it relates to sport and physical education. We are still afraid of women who run, kick, hit, tackle, punch, cycle or otherwise perform like men. Female athletes with hyperandrogenism are not competitive in the male category.

Sports philosophy essays
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Robert G. Osterhoudt, The Philosophy of Sport: A Collection of Original Essays