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We know your time is better spent assisting your clients, so we start by assigning you a Project Manager who gets to know your core needs. Our ETO Initiators provide best practice solutions in self-sufficiency, mental health, substance abuse prevention, and more.

Integration with SDM — Our seamless integration with structured decision making SDM and other best practice frameworks helps organizations screen information, determine responses, identify possible threats and estimate risks to monitor the progress of child welfare case plans.

Since it is web based you can have access to patient records anytime, anywhere!

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End-to-end client and case management. Case Management, Human Services, Nonprofits FI Tracking Assistant by Janus Systems Incoporated The Janus Systems Corporation provides applications based on the Acumen Appliances platform that replace complex paper driven workflows, resulting in drastically reduced administrative cost for corporate and not-for-profits. That helps us continue to focus on our mission and on our participants. Configured to fit your policies and procedures, our solutions rapidly scale up to meet growing demand or handle new lines of business. In especially sticky situations, we even employ real-time coaching. Keep track of enrollment and attendance for both one-time and ongoing activities with automated forms, perfect for group counseling and staff trainings. Easily compare client data and find case information, keeping your data organized and up to date. Activity tracking made easy. These prototypes are then scaled into new innovations by our team with the help of government and industry support.

That helps us continue to focus on our mission and on our participants. In especially sticky situations, we even employ real-time coaching. Our solutions are designed to aggregate data and meet compliance needs and reporting requirements more efficiently.

That resource is then your single point of contact to design and configure your system to best match your client, case, and data structures, as well as your workflows and processes.

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Using Apricot Essentials, the team is able to collect and report on the services they offer the community all in one seamless, easy-to-use tool.

We prioritize your success with direct support and training through online documentation, a support portal, webinars, and more. FAMCare changes how you work Activity tracking made easy. Our flexible case and client management solutions can focus on single programs or entire organizations with varied programs.

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