Short essay on pleasure of college life

A part from the class room teaching, there are so many extra curricular activities. Then there are the pleasures of the sports field. He should change his behaviour. The students enjoy them very much. The College is an institution for higher education.

It provides the best facilities and the best route to success. He may do some blunders but no one takes notice of it.

pleasures of college life essay honey notes

Culture decade of twenty-first century in pursuit of a career in pharmacy. It also develops a spirit of unity, brotherhood and friendship. Sometimes, we learn that there would be a musical concert right after the exams.

College is the best time of your life.

Pleasure of college life essay pdf

The relation between the teacher and taught is more cordial. The method of teaching in the college is different from that in the school. In the end, we can say that students learn the principle of golden life through trial and error, reading, testing, competitions, social interaction, and various sports. A part 2 can learn this essay. Life in a college hostel is full of pleasures and amusements. Nowadays, the situation is not as hard as it had been. Others just want relax or can afford to mortgage if you perfect phd thesis the best in the field of writing. He feels that he has left his worries and cares behind him, he is elated.

He does so to relieve us of stress and pressure. We learn in the college the social value of life and spirit of self-help. Guadeloupe guatemala guinea guyana haiti honduras hungary iceland india indonesia iran.

College life is for enjoyment and not studies

Games and sports in schools and colleges are definitely the best of enjoyment and entertainment on earth. College life has some pitfalls also. He is shy. They may go to the library or canteen or playground in spare time. The College is an institution for higher education. Therefore, the general concept of a college student in the past was of an insolent arid unruly one. Although there is a fair number of a decent student, sometimes mischievous ones outnumber them very easily.
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Short Essay On Pleasure Of College Life