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Rembrandt displays this in the paint Self Portrait as St.

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Hester feels guilty because she has suppressed from Dimmesdale who Chillingworth really is. Bibliography: Fogle, Richard H.

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Hawthorne then goes deeper to express that the darkness of one might not be of evil intention, but rather dulled by everyday sin of which the light could be redeemed.

The dark eyes and background represent a type of detachment, whether the detachment is due to an outward or inner struggle.

Scarlet letter symbolism essay

These situations add drama to the novel, giving the novel life. Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the dark forest and their guilt is reflected in the darkness of nature. Roger Chillingworth is the dark force in this particular story. Hawthorne draws his characters out by having one behold elements, Roger Chillingworth, and the other character behold elements of light, Minister Dimmesdale. The guilt that was created was so strong and sincere that Dimmesdale became very sick and depressed. In the novel, it can be thought that Hawthorne portrays nature as a human like entity. Through out The Scarlet Letter, light is used to show happiness and goodness. This play with shadowing and light elements can be viewed in Nightwatch by Rembrandt.

At this moment, the dark dreary forest is flooded with heavenly beauty of light and life. In contrast to this, the author could also use a gloomy and dark setting to make the mood scary and evil.

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The tone and use of chiaroscuro in this passage allows the reader to believe that giving into your natural instincts and wants is not necessarily wrong or sinful, but nothing more than a part of life.

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Light and Dark in The Scarlet Letter