Save fuel save money

This saves fuel and helps minimize traffic on busy roads.

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These tips that will see you using less fuel in your daily driver without requiring any extra expense. These factors help save fuel for better environment and cut gasoline related expenses.

The vehicle should always be gradually and smoothly accelerated.

Why should we save fuel

This means, sharing your car with colleagues or neighbours headed for the same destination. Be calmer behind the wheel and use the accelerator gently. It also puts your transmission into an "economy" mode. Constant slowing down and accelerating will increase the amount of fuel the car needs to work effectively, and so you will end up using far more. Driving up hills destroys fuel economy. Get out and enjoy the sunshine and leave the car at home. Over the years the speed of 56mph has often been talked about as being the optimum speed. Speed bumps Braking hard, accelerating, then braking for the next speed bump is inefficient and uses extra fuel. Use the air-con sparingly Air conditioners can use about 10 per cent more fuel when operating.

This wastage occurs on account of halting at traffic lights, frequent changing gears, varying acceleration and longer driving time. This is not always necessarily the shortest; if you know your town is clogged with rush-hour traffic at the time you will be travelling, get a step ahead by planning to use the back roads — this could end up being quicker than sitting in a traffic jam.

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The faster you drive, the harder the car must work, and the more fuel you will use. You may even want to invest in a gas credit card.

How to save fuel in daily life

Sensible driving Read the road ahead, anticipating the actions of other drivers and potential hazards. These are the best fuel rewards programs that will save you money on gas. For instance, drive smoothly in heavy traffic and avoid driving fast to catch up to the car in front, then having to brake. The community of users network together to provide the latest gas price updates. Overfilling a tyre during summers can cause it to explode due as air inside gets heated by friction and external heat. For an easy way to save fuel, switch off the engine if you are going to be waiting for more than ten seconds, and start it when you know that you are moving. Also, buy gas early in the week. Coasting Did you know many newer cars actually consume no fuel if the road is steep enough for speed to be maintained without pressing the accelerator? Prices typically rise between Wednesday and Saturday, but stay lower during the early days of the week.

Shaded Parking Where you park a vehicle also matters. A password will be e-mailed to you. But there might be local or regional gas stations in your area with even better rewards programs.

How to save petrol

The community of users network together to provide the latest gas price updates. Read more. Shaded Parking Where you park a vehicle also matters. Instead of accelerating unnecessarily, simply stick to the stipulated speed limits and drive in the middle lane, where possible. Anticipate traffic ahead A driver can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent if he does not brake or accelerate unnecessarily. Points are also redeemable for Speedway coupons. Also, remember to remove unneeded car racks and carriers. During winters, air in tyres condenses. Hence, ensure the fuel injector of your vehicle is performing to its fullest efficiency. Snow tires cause excess friction on dry surfaces, wasting gas.

Clogged air filters can increase fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent. Instead of complaining about the increase in cost of petrol, let's see how can you cut down on petrol costs. This holds true for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

With global fuel prices constantly changing, as well as the growing concerns over environmental impact, here are 10 easy ways you can ease your conscience, help your bank balance, and save on fuel.

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How to save fuel