Reflection essay on the movie crash

There are many acts of racism that is being shown in this movie in different ways through the many characters revealed. Nevada, one of the countries leading tourist destinations, led the market in foreclosure rates and housing appraisal drops. This scene made me cry a lot and I felt very disturbed after watching it.

Racism is a complex matter and it is not always easy to understand.

Crash movie criticism

After Hansen gets into a police unit by himself, the dispatcher makes a fart joke. My dad is a doctor and we grew up in a very rich neighbourhood where I was one of the only black girls going to a white school. The impact of these mortgages varied state to state. I depict Ryan as a white supremacist. The movie Crash is unique because instead of showing characters at their best, like most popular movies do, the characters are instead stressed out and pushed to their own emotional limits. The bias and prejudices of the characters towards others were evident in each character, but I noticed Jean and Rick Cabot, a white couple. A nervous Hansen thought it was a gun, then drew his gun and shot him dead. I would not recommend this movie to a grade 8 class because I know that after they watch this movie they will not get the true meaning behind what it is trying to show people. Behaviors are variable according to the circumstances and, therefore, can not judge a person independent of them.

In this movie, L. The media somewhat perpetuates the stereotype of blacks simply by showing their gang activity, criminal accounts, and poverty levels.

the problem with the movie crash

As a result, every offense a black person commits reinforces his misinterpretation of the black population as a whole. The prejudice and biass of the characters towards others were apparent in each character.

I think the most hurtful and eye opening scene for me was near the end of the movie when the young officer Tom Hansen was giving the black man a drive up the street when all of a sudden he thought he was reaching into his pocket to shoot him and he shot him first.

Millions of Americans were affected and faced foreclosures on homes that were purchased with subprime mortgages. The SUVs suggest category and wealth.

The cop played by Matt Dillon takes contrasting positions — its portrayed both in times of abuse of his position of authority, to take advantage of Christine Thandie Newtonas in heroics, saving the same girl in a traffic accident.

By repeating the scene, also repeated a pattern of behavior expected for a black. Christopher the patron saint of travel that caused the death of Peter.

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Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper on the Movie Crash Essay Example