Peds database

Pem database

Grant Provides the grant number s for the grant s associated with the Collection. Conducted annually, NAMCS findings are based on a national sample of visits to the Emergency Departments and Outpatient Departments of non-federal employed office-based physicians who are primarily engaged in direct patient care. This field is sortable alphabetically in ascending or descending order. The NDA system does not allow for a single grant to be associated with more than one Collection; therefore, a single grant will not be listed in the Grant Information section of a Collection for more than one Collection. Glossary Data Structure A defined organization and group of Data Elements to represent an electronic definition of a measure, assessment, questionnaire, or collection of data points. When a Collection is created by NDA staff and marked as Shared, an email notification will automatically be sent to the PI s of the grant s associated with the Collection to notify them. Key features of NEDS include data from children's hospitals with trauma centers. KID can be used to identify, track, and analyze national trends in health care utilization, access, charges, quality, and outcomes. MAX includes person-level data on eligibility, demographics, managed care enrollment, and Medicaid payment by type of service. Collection users with Administrative Privileges are encouraged to edit the Collection Phase. If no information is visible on this tab, this would indicate the Collection does not have shared data or the data is private. Can I get a supplement to share data from a research project that is still ongoing?

Acquisition The Acquisition parameters needed for an experiment include the following: Name of the experiment is required. If no information is visible on this tab, this would indicate the Collection does not have shared data or the data is private.

The shared data is available to other researchers who have permission to access data in the Collection's designated Permission Group s. All data must be devoid of personally identifiable data, including the contents of any files attached to the experiment. Use the Download button to get all shared data from the Collection to the Filter Cart.

Total Subjects Shared The total number of unique subjects for whom data have been shared and are available for users with permission to access data. Why is there sometimes more than one grant included in a Collection?

Is a single grant number ever associated with more than one Collection?

pem database

A Collection that is shared does not necessarily have shared data as the Collection State and state of data are independent of each other. Collections can be either Private, Shared, or an Ongoing Study. Cerner Multum Drug Database: A proprietary database of prescription and some nonprescription drug products available in the U.

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Data submission is likely ongoing at this point.

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