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The United States must learn to adapt to a new international political environment, one wherein it must strive to be looked up to as much as feared.

Despite the many doomsday predictions, the U. As the late Samuel P. ByGermany had passed Britain in economic power and was beginning to threaten London's naval supremacy in its home waters by building a large, modern and powerful battle fleet.

An over-the-horizon U.

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It is hard to see that the US operates with imperialist designs and methods in the modern world; rather, Obama-styled foreign policy directives suggest that the US, instead, tries to deal with the world as it finds it in vying to preserve both its preponderance of power and relative world peace through Pax Americana. As such, Dower contends, the U. The second pillar of U. They were encouraged as well to follow U. Recognizing the Times: Forming a Sound Foreign Policy Nye believes that American foreign policy is too dependent on its military power, pointing out that the military receives sixteen times the funding that the diplomatic service does. Similarly, Lieberthal related that many American officials believe their Chinese counterparts see the U. From about the mids until , U. Grand Strategic Interests in the Region.

John Dower would, for one. The first pillar was entirely economic, as the economy of the United States outperformed most of its competitors in the twentieth century.

Moscow: Molodaia gvardia, The Euro-Atlantic world had a long run of global dominance, but it is coming to an end.

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Pax Americana: the United States as Global Hegemon or Imperialist in Disguise?