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New York, p. The audience does not actually meet Macbeth; only the Sisters appear, but we are introduced to his figure.

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Very important is the fact that there is a connection between Macbeth and theWeird Sisters before they even meet. However, as Bradley states this interpretation is not rounded. This suggests that the supernatural is to blame; and the Sisters still influence the plot even when they are not directly involved.

Using the relatively small amount of sources on early Scottish and Irish music, I will describe the instruments, the makeup and function of various ensembles, melody, harmony, rhythm, and meter used in eleventh-century Scotland, and then expand the scope by including Ireland and centuries earlier and later.

Next, the Weird Sisters are described as not even looking like women at all. But when Macbeth heard them he was not an innocent man. New York: R. This is all shattered when his ambition overrides his sense of morality. Then provide evidence backing up your points.

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