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The existence of the employer-employee relationship under the usual common law rules will be determined, in doubtful cases, by an examination of the facts of each case. Foreign Literature The journal entitled Exploring Horticultural Employees Attitudes toward Their Jobs, it is a qualitative analysis based on Herzbergs theory on job satisfaction. Periodically through out the meal, the wine steward will return to refill the diners glasses. Holiday Pay Art. It is also concerned with the gender male and female , educational attainment high school and college , ages in range of years old, civil status single and married and the amount salary ranging to P2, to PI0, up. There are many goals to be achieved by the practice of public relations, including education, correcting a mistruth, or building or improving an image. Employer An employer is any person or organization for whom an individual performs or has performed any service, of whatever nature, as an employee. In large hotels, room service waiters and waitresses bring food from the hotels kitchen to the rooms of the hotel guest. It tackles the broader sense of satisfaction experiencing by the employees. These benefits4 are as follows: 1. Employees who report feeling "powerful, "appreciated, "proud" and "important" at work are more likely to remain loyal employees [see "Employee's sense of stature strong driver of retention, loyalty," July 5, issue, page 12]. Marcos, the Presidential Decree of P. Their study has shown that: 1 Job satisfaction is often associated with high performance; 2 High satisfaction is associated with low employee turnover and low absenteeism; and 3 It may be more fruitful to think about job satisfaction as a result rather than a cause of high job performance. Large restaurants employ formal waiters and waitresses, many of whom perform specific tasks. The primary function of the waiters and waitresses is to serve food and beverages to customers in restaurants and other food establishments.

These benefits4 are as follows: 1. This includes an individual who receives a supplemental unemployment pay benefit that is treated as wages.

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After a brief introduction of the nature of the project, research participants were told that the interviewer was primarily interested in hearing about actual experiences. This paper explores some conceptual and related empirical issues surrounding employment security in the light of recent developments in the labour market. For example, there is often a headwaiter or headwaitresses who greets arriving customers, checks on their reservation, and escorts then to their table. It does not matter how the pay is measured, how the individual is paid, or what the payments are called. There other regular duties, they may also be required to clear and clcan tables and counters. If an employer-employee relationship exists, it does not matter what the parties call the relationship. This study is also conducted with constraints such as: period of conducting the research and availability of data. For example, hotel workers need to be productive during their working hours in order to satisfy their customers. The compensation disparity may be because Web development is a "disparate field," where a host of skills are required unlike in other areas, said Selwyn Alojipan, an IT columnist. But studies of employees in other industries have supported the notion that employee satisfaction is heavily dependent on an employee's sense of understanding of the company's mission and direction, and the employee's specific contribution to achieving company success.

An analysis of more than 4, responses collected through Market Metrix employee surveys this year revealed that certain aspects of the work experience have the biggest impact on employee loyalty. Analysis: This study was included in review related literature because it suggests that humans develop from a status of complete dependency during infancy to strong desires for independence just when the time comes to enter the world of work which treats them as dependents and psychological immature.

In some establishments, waiters and waitresses are also expected to clean equipment, sweep and mop the floor, and carry out trash.

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Details of the procedure were tested in two pilot studies. Special leave for women RA This category included questions about whether employees experienced 12 different emotions in their work.

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Space limitation prevents me from undertaking an extensive commentary. It does not matter if the employee is called a partner, coadventurer, agent, or independent contractor. Printed by the International Labour Office. The profile looked into some selected variables. It is included in the journal of agricultural and applied economics by Bitsch, Vera, and Michael, December, year The study will be conducted to hotels that are located in National Capital Region. Leave for victim of violence against women and their children RA The survey, entitled "Profile and Job Satisfaction of Filipino Web Development Workers" which is due for release next month, based its conclusions from 73 respondents that were selected from individuals who were initially polled. Surveys are used extensively in the library and information science to assess attitudes a characteristic of then wide range of the subjects, from the quality of user-system interfaces the library user reading habits. In large hotels, room service waiters and waitresses bring food from the hotels kitchen to the rooms of the hotel guest. Under the common law rules, every individual who performs services subject to the will and control of an employer, both as to what shall be done and how it shall be done, is an employee. This was included in foreign literature for it tackles the relationship of employee and employer, which was related to our facet: public relation which was an organizational, philanthropic, or social function of managing communication between an organization and its audiences. Employees who agreed with the statements "1 feel I have the opportunity to advance," and "Compared to similar jobs in this area, my pay is fair, 26 were more likely to be loyal employees. Nor does it matter whether the individual works full-time or part-time.

According to Consultants of Hospitality Administrators, the turnover rate for hotel employees is 25 percent for management and 50 percent for non-management in the United States.

Based on a review of job attitude research, Herzberg, Mausner, and Snyderman devised a study of work attitudes to test the assumption that job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction are not two extremes of a continuum, but are caused by different underlying job factors and cannot substitute for each other for practical purposes.

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The study also gave a profile of the Filipino Web developer: single; in their 20s and early 30s; with one to three years of work experience; some have undergraduate degrees while others pursued further education through certificate and graduate courses Janette Tonal, a Manila-based Web developer who contributed data for the survey, said the study provides a glimpse of the typical traits of a Filipino Web developer, though it may not depict conditions in the Philippines as a whole.

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