Language and nationalism

language and national identity

Wales is the British region where the indigenous Celtic language has fared best. But education eventually establishes Gaelic as one of the republic's two official languages.

All signs and official documents in the principality are in two languages. Perhaps a speaker from Tangail may not fully understand a speaker from Chittagong! Sometimes linguistic change is a response to general societal change. And the Welsh nationalist party proclaims its identity in characteristic manner through its name, incomprehensible to the English - Plaid Cymru, Party of Wales.

This violent episode gave birth to an image so compelling that it served as the catalyst in shaping mood of Language and nationalism nation into oneness, one people; moving away from the makings of past colonial decision-makers of being a nation grounded in religious precepts. Today, ever so gradually and with quiet persistence in the discourse of language loyalty the old proposition has resurfaced: Is our language unique to our people?

On Falgun 8,February 21,demonstrators on Dhaka University campus protested the 'Urdu only policy' and demanded the then government to recognise Bengali as one of the official languages. All nation-states, some to a greater degree than others, are linguistically and culturally heterogeneous.

Moreover, the notion that a nation and a language mutually depend on one another has had and continues to have a powerful impact, not only in Europe but also elsewhere in the modern world. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Needless to say, simply 'soil-right,' 'birth-right,' and 'language-right' does not lead to the perception of nationalism, neither is it the awakening of a nation to awareness by virtue of one incident; rather it is also the benign everyday construction of a sense of national identity through the inconspicuous symbols of 'fairy tales, folklore, arts and crafts, the countryside, the regional differences, and yes, even the etiquettes that invents' and reinvents a nation.

In Bohemia there are similar demands for the use of Czech in the law courts and in schools.

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Language and Nationalism