Joseph the jew who ruled egypt essay

But they confessed that this misfortune of their brother, as well as the grief of their father for him, was owing to themselves; since it was they that forced their father to send him with them, when he was averse to it.

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But when this misery ceased, and the river overflowed the ground, and the ground brought forth its fruits plentifully, Joseph came to every city, and gathered the people thereto belonging together, and gave them back intirely the land which, by their own consent, the King might have possessed alone, and alone enjoyed the fruits of it.

For when thou sawest the kine, which is an animal made for the plough and for labour, devoured by the worser kine; and the ears of corn eaten up by the smaller ears, they foretel a famine, and want of the fruits of the earth, for the same number of years, and equal with those when Egypt was in an happy state; and this so far, that the plenty of these years will be spent in the same number of years of scarcity: and that scarcity of necessary provisions will be very difficult to be corrected.

And four hundred years did they spend under these afflictions: for they strove one against the other which should get the mastery. However, this would not last for long.

Genesis That night, Joseph ordered his steward to load the brothers' donkeys with food and all their money. For the city was situate in a retired place, and was inhabited after the manner of an island; being incompassed with a strong wall, and having the rivers to guard them from their enemies; and having great ramparts between the wall and the rivers; insomuch, that when the waters come with the greatest violence it can never be drowned: which ramparts make it next to impossible for, even such as are gotten over the rivers, to take the city.

Joseph the jew who ruled egypt essay

This means there was no years of slavery, no Passover, and no exodus to the Promised Land. It was arguably the worst experience the Jewish people had to endure until the time of Hitler, who condensed in four years what the Egyptians did in Patriotic, voluntary work became compulsory, mandatory work overseen by taskmasters Exodus What things befel Joseph in prison.

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Know therefore, that this vision is for thy good, and foretels a release from thy present distress, within the same number of days, as the branches had whence thou gatheredst thy grapes in thy sleep. He exhorted him to trust God for him: and said he would either bring his son back to him safe; or, together with his, lose his own life. And although Joseph treated them all kindly, yet did he send a messe to Benjamin, that was double 1 to what the rest of the guests had for their shares. Thus they spake to one another: not imagining that Joseph understood their language. For we cannot think of living if he be put to death; since we dare not shew our selves alive to our father without our brother. But the Ibes are tame creatures, and only enemies to the serpentine kind. Do not therefore let your evil intentions, when you condemned me, and that bitter remorse which might follow, be a grief to you now; because those intentions were frustrated.
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Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews, Book II