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After a personal invitation from none other than Sam Walton, Lemann and Sicupira travelled to Oklahoma — the home of Walmart. Rather than giving shares as annual bonuses, Lemann offered the best performers the opportunity to purchase shares with their bonus.

We were wrong.

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It was my first time in the USA and I was not used to study or to write; we have to write a lot in Harvard.

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Read more: A former gym teacher who built a hotel empire just became North Dakota's first billionaire, and his take on money lines up with what many of the world's richest self-made people say In addition to working, Lemann also has a daily exercise routine that he called "sacred," according to Bloomberg.

My grades were the worst possible. The new company is called InBev.

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Leadership is exercised by clear ideas and by the daily example in the smallest details. In his youth, he became five-time national champion and via his dual citizenship, represented both Brazil and Switzerland in the Davis Cup. Mr Buffett has faced persistent questions about his involvement with 3G. It's also clear that Lemann, a former tennis player who once played in the Wimbledon championship tournament, was destined to become a major player on the global mergers-and-acquisition stage, something that also reflects the rise of Brazil as an economic power. The stock of the combined firm, InBev , rose 40 percent during So what's Jorge Paulo Lemann's recipe for doing business? The financier was born in Brazil, holds dual Brazilian and Swiss citizenship, and resides in Switzerland, according to Bloomberg. It was a huge blow for Lemann to lose the firm that he had built from the ground up. As a kid he admired Thomas Edison. In the USA, 3G applied at CSX, same field, in , but ended up giving up from the endeavor in , after not being able to buy the company control. The result has been stellar returns to shareholders. No wonder, last May, Lemann took a course on Sinularity University, located at Nasa, Silicon Valley, California, to keep up to date on innovation and understand better the logics of this kind of enterprise. The Unilever debacle raises questions about possible tension between the partners.

Lemann also runs the Lemann Foundation, which supports educational initiatives in Brazil, according to its website.

A former professional tennis player, Lemann still plays and even showed off his skills at an investment event in Sao Paulo in JulyBloomberg reported.

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