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You can take the TestAS several times a year at the TestAS testing centres around the world, possibly also in your country.

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Plan in advance, organise your ideas. You first have to pass an entrance examination to participate in a foundation course. How to from leaving certificate for format pass out student? The certificate, however, does not guarantee entrance into every university particularly of USA Technical: Awarded to students who successfully complete any technical course such as Mobile repair or Automobile repair Special Program Certificates There is another kind of leaving certificate which is known as the Special Program Certificate. If you write a personal essay then YOU aged 17 or 18, doing the Leaving Certificate, are writing about yourself. The student can collect the diploma at a later date. However due to any reason, if one wants to bring into the attention of the institute that he has graduated or completed the education and wants the certificate then in such a case the best way is to write an application or leave application for school. Follow the six rules of essay writing. With good results, you can improve your chances of being admitted for studies at a German university. I will have to repeat leaving first year and for taking admission in another college I need my college leaving certificate principal by you. The DAAD entrance qualification database can help you with this. There is no international standard in this regard. Depending on the university, you may have to submit samples of your work or pass an aptitude test instead. I shall be obliged in this regard.

Criticism[ edit ] Some educationalists in Nepal criticize the SLC exam by citing its irrelevance in the present context and say that the test is neither standardized nor can it assess the capacity of Nepalese children.

Hy College school is possible. I request from to please issue the above letter certificate so that I might be able to take admission in part 2 privately.

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The points below explain the criteria or requirements for attaining the school leaving certificate as per different countries or systems.

As the name indicates, the certificate is given to the student who has graduated or has completed his high-level education. Follow the six rules of essay writing.

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British Model: British Model British Model The European schools: International Baccalaureate United States: A student has to pass a test in order to qualify for the certificate Australia: The requirements differ as per the region Secondary School Leaving Certificate or High School Certificate The secondary school leaving certificate signifies that a student has completed his basic level of education. It provides all relevant information, e. Plan in advance, organise your ideas. The certification used to be very large in size and the practice of getting the certificate printed on the A4 paper was very uncommon. Make your writing dramatic. I will be thankful to you for this act of kindness. The categories have been briefly discussed in the points below Honors Diploma: It is awarded to the student whose academic achievements are excellent and strong. I shall be obliged in this regard. Yours Obediently, Name and contact.

Examination centres[ edit ] Nepal is divided into five development regions and seventy districts, and each region has many examination centers as per the Examination Commission's Plan.

Now I live in mumbai and my school university is shivaji principal kolhapur… can I apply online for LC? The student walks on the stage, receives the certificate, the photo is taken and the student leaves the stage. The result of the SLC is very important to an individual student since students with a high percentage are able to obtain various scholarships for their higher secondary level education.

I shall be obliged in this regard.

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Application Letter For College Leaving Certificate