Federal prison system essay

Andre Scott, a corrections officer for more than 10 years at the state prison in Lancaster, must stand trial on two counts of bringing drugs into prison. Many people trust that the inmates are completely cut off from connections with the outside. Under the current prison system, many offenders of nonviolent crimes are getting much longer sentences than actually necessary I was completely shocked by the way that Denmark runs their prison system.

Therefore, to change this, we have to alter the way we view people who are on trial. Supreme Court struck down existing death-penalty statutes on the grounds that they were riddled with capriciousness and inconsistency, and that they discriminated against minorities and the poor.

One can predict that a prisoner held for two, four, eight or ten years, then released, still with no education or vocational skills will likely return to a life of crime. Children of jailed parents, especially young people of color, are dramatically more likely to become homeless.

Federal prison system essay

Some believe that a way to stop crime is to punish criminals much more. There are many questions that will remain unanswered, but one important question would be: Is the prison system effective, or is the staff making it too easy for the inmates to deal with contraband? There is luck of research actually looking at the prisoner experiences inside the prison and what issues they face. Most criminals in prisons are not a danger to our society because they commit crimes just to use jail as a shelter, causing the overcrowding of prisons and wasting away of what we really should be paying for In , almost , people were released from state and federal prisons, an increase of more than 20 percent since Most people believe criminals receive the punishment they deserve by depriving them of the rights and privileges that the rest of society enjoys. For centuries, philosophers, law makers, court systems, child advocates, and critics have struggled to define justice for juveniles, they are constantly seeking to improve the concept but still have no clear cut or definite answer to justify their punishment. The conditions for prisoners are getting worse by the year and the media romanticizes the life of inmates, this list goes on. Problems with the American Prison System Essay - Throughout history into today, there have been many problems with our prison system. Today punishment is carried out much different than in the past. However, inmates lives do matter, and without someone teaching them the steps to change and giving them a proper education, there will definitely be no hope for them in the end. Isolation in prisons has become a widespread controversy talked about by many people including President Obama at the NAACP convention who made remarks similar to those of U. Third, criminal punishment should not do more harm than good. Some of us may even know of someone who has at one point in their lives had an imprisonment at some point in their lives. This is a major problem that is effecting every prison system throughout the country.

This is a major problem that is effecting every prison system throughout the country. This discourse, among other reasons, made me personally invested in the flaws of the criminal justice system.

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This stems from a series of issues. Right now, 2. Punishment is way to keep order and discipline throughout society. Fortunately, there are several ways that we can address these issues. After reading the Shook, Gaucher and Vivar articles, it is clear that the prison system goes beyond just sentencing individuals for the crimes they have committed.

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Unfortunately however, I am saddened to say, that despite my previous emails of concern; the problems at Wandsworth Prison are more worrying that I had previously thought A recent study by the U. Not only does it effect the American people who are also the tax payers to fund all of the convicts in prisons and jails, but it also effects the prisoners themselves. More often that not people over look the prison system as place where one can receive an education. Prevention, rehabilitation and punishment form the three pillars of the prison system. The power given to them over the lives of others when they are simply a citizen is not normal for everyday citizens. Some facilities have relatively successful programs that cut down on the recidivism numbers. Despite these drops, we still see a great deal of mass incarceration. In many jurisdictions, convicted felons can never vote, which means that their communities have even less of a voice than they would otherwise. After inmates are released from prison, they need to learn how to re enter back into society, but some have no family support or anywhere to go, so they commit another crime and go right back to jail, a phenomenon called recidivism. The system's gross lack of proportionality, its failure to treat like cases alike, and its harmful consequences for prisoners and communities are incompatible with a humane and decent society.
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Prison System Essay