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In Diane's mind there are so many conflicting emotional crosscurrents that she is having trouble sorting everything out.

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Once basic needs are met, people are more motivated by a desire for mastery and a sense of autonomy toward a specific purpose. The weeping vocal expresses both the unhappiness of Betty and Rita where the camera shows they were both cleaving into each other weeping. Whereas before the idea of silence involved the notion that there was only the Hollywood pretense of stardom, love and innocence for Diane when none of it was real, now the idea of silence seems to instead involve the concept that nothing more can be said. It is from there that she wishes to make her mark on the world, and in this case, the world of the current day Diane Selwyn's mind. As we see the fantasy and reality story lines played out, we come to realize that there are many complex issues involved that are quite mysterious and that are profoundly important to understanding the forces that shaped Diane's tragic life. This woman has played a central role in Diane's life, and the woman's persona in Diane's mind is now seen as the source of all of Diane's problems by some of Diane's other personas. Again, this was ultimately just like the real life of Diane who had lost confidence in herself long ago, so she did not believe that a person like her could ever become a star. Mulholland Drive as it is more commonly written was shot for a television pilot in another life that, too, was only a dream, a very bad dream. We don't know much about Chuck, other than the fact that he wasn't the father, although he was a man who was very close to the father. Lynch on Lynch. How did the latter come about? They fly in all directions killing innocent people. Ria loves Better and needs her to discover herself. But audiences have struggled with trying to work the movie out and, at a certain point, they just want you to tell them what it all means—to you. In Mulholland Dr.

There are still many places you could go in L. Mulholland Dr. But eventually Betty does find out that this Rita persona is not who she says she is.

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The weird thing is that she chose to sing that particular Roy Orbison song. However, when she gets there she discovers the fugitive persona that other personas have just attempted to kill. However, apparently she has done this thing with him before, because she is disgusted with herself, saying, "I hate you Perhaps a particular character or scene exposes an entirely new theme that was not there on previous viewings.

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The true genius of Mulholland Drive is in the way that it employs an intricate language of symbolism and metaphor that would give even a complex novel a run for its money. In time, a TV series would be passed to other directors and writers to continue, a process Lynch compared to starting a sketch and then allowing other artists to complete it for him. While she does this, the magician's face looks like he is straining, and he is somewhat tense as well. The clear implication is that she was involved sexually with "Chuck" at a very young age, and this represented clear sexual abuse because the script says "Chuck" would have been arrested if Betty had told anyone. She wakes up, interacts irritably with her neighbor, sees the key, and then begins to have flashbacks showing what led up to her current deteriorating state. A literal key moment about halfway through the film transforms Betty into Diane and Rita into Camilla. However, after the two of them become involved with one another, at some point Diane is jilted and humiliated by this woman, and so she hires a hit man to murder her estranged lover. People who can't run will soon find themselves hopping over gates and hitting roofs tops. As in other works by Lynch, there are serious plot twists and shuffled timelines that force the viewer to do some work to decide what the chronological sequence of events in the story really was.

However, the fugitive persona actually has no relationship with the aunt. It is a storage device that incorporates solid-state memory and emulates a hard disk drive to store data.

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At the end of the magician's performance, he emphatically tells us to "Listen!

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