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The structure of the play itself is the fate from which Romeo and Juliet cannot escape. Your time is important.

what is the purpose of the prologue in romeo and juliet

Capulet then tries to force Juliet to marry Paris making her angry. However, keep in mind that we have to stretch pretty far to come up with this interpretation. This analysis may make writing essays a bit easier as well.

She chooses to jump the offer, as it may be her only chance at this point of ever seeing her husband ever again.

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A complete discussion of the line: Two households both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene , In the pleasant city of Verona, where this play will take place Verona is in northern Italy. Shakespeare has deliberately put it in the middle to emphasize its importance. Two star crossed lovers take the stage, bound by their endless love but separated by the ancient hate of their two families. We do know that Romeo is the boy born into the Montague family and Juliet is the girl born into the Capulet family. The violence of the fighting between these families puts blood on the hands of civilians. But this just causes more problems and falsely leads Romeo into choosing to join Juliet in death by going to see her in the tomb and taking the poison he had purchased of an apothecary just before he left Mantua, whilst lying next to her. We are made of our feelings. I mean humans of course, but what are we made of. The events surrounding them made them rush their marriage. The Friar warns them that it will come with consequences. To be performed on T. Consequently, this idea of cause and effect must direct the plot of the play until the protagonists have an unfortunate end What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

I just feel the story is much, much deeper that what it seems when you just read it or go and watch it on a stage. This shows that fate is against him again. What we don't know is HOW that end will come about.

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But there are some things that I think most people have in them When Mercutio dies, Romeo goes and kills Tybalt. Shakespeare has a tendency to reverse the order of words. What it says is: only the death of the children could take away the rage. Is he gone and hath nothing? This shows that fate is against him again. That would be about years in the past, to Shakespeare's audience. Any type of essay. Tybalt insists he does not want to fight Mercutio and that he has only come to fight Romeo. A plague on both your houses, I am sped. Fate is mentioned from the very beginning in the prologue. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. She goes to grave measures to see Romeo again, even if it does mean faking her own death. It has gone from three characters, to a fast-paced crowded street, which shows juxtaposition. Piteous implies that we should feel great sympathy for the lovers.

Also the language that Shakespeare uses is very different to the language we are used to today, so it makes it much more of an interesting read. D Two lovers are born from these warring families.

By the joining of a Capulet and Montague in marriage would bring the two families closer together and end the feud.

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V and radio. The violence of the fighting between these families puts blood on the hands of civilians.

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Romeo and Juliet Prologue Analysis, Line by Line