Environmental analysis of protea hotel

Pestel analysis of hilton hotel

As a result of this, occupancy in all hotels is high. It has the largest number of rooms globally. Nicholas is a mechanical engineer by profession and is highly respected in the world of construction and property development. The facilities are small enough for a meeting of 8 people and big enough for a cocktail function of Most of the Starwood brands have a strong pipeline and are scalable with low cost to build. Celebrity endorsements, local and international: This would help with the marketing and improving the brand positions of the hotel in both the local and international markets. However careful implementation will ensure the size of the project does not translate into insurmountable negative impacts on the environment which is the very basis of the hospitality business in the area. It also has presence in countries and properties under its umbrella. However, it also hosts visitors for sporting events, local and foreign leisure guests. Located in the multi-cultural and lively city of Windhoek, Protea Hotel Furstenhof encapsulates classic style fused with contemporary comfort. Threats Where there are opportunities, you will also find threats. Bookmark the permalink. Opportunity This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase. Gam ble. Low business activity: With the onset of a recession, there has been decreased business activities thus less business visitors.

The hotel should therefore now place additional focus on other areas to increase revenue. For example, flexibility to meet customer demands, faster decision making by management and personalized service.

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Along with open house events held at the hotel bi-annually. Value Chain Analysis Recommendations: Attendance and participation at local and international exposition is an avenue which is not explored by the hotel and can bring about significant value in building awareness of the hotel.

Arthur A. Nicholas is a mechanical engineer by profession and is highly respected in the world of construction and property development. In Europe from 40, rooms in it hasrooms in and it will debut its Delta hotels in Europe.

A related problem for Marriott is the high exchange rate for the U.

Environmental analysis of protea hotel

Cultural changes that could impact Marriott include increased numbers of Chinese and other Asian travelers. Guardigli is an Italian resident in Zambia. Kapok Hotel would have to ensure its survival by capitalising in the areas where these huge chains may not be able to embrace. The demands on the hotel industry in Trinidad are on the rise with the plan for new economic diversity by the government, and more emphasis on the tourism industry. Acquisition of Starwood has also helped Marriott to tap into the Asia Pacific market Starwood is strong in that region which should remain a key target for expansion. Intense airline competition. Ineffective branding: Kapok Hotel is a stand-alone entity unlike its competitors Radisson, Hyatt Regency, Trinidad Hilton and Courtyard by Marriot, which have international brand recognition. Utilizing this tool, Kapok Hotel would be able to improve its competitive advantage and identify areas for improvement and future development in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Threats The identification and anticipation of pending threats to Kapok Hotel, would allow the organisation to develop contingency plans if threats are realised.

Another concern is that Airbnb hosts do not pay lodging taxes, which are a major source of revenue for some municipalities. She is also Managing Director of two retail booksellers in Lusaka.

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Limited employment pool: There is the challenge of not having a suitable employment pool for the hotel industry.

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Marriott SWOT & PESTLE Analysis