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Lack Of Space Lack of space is something which can totally get on your nerves. Hostel is the place where people make long lasting friendships and memories to cherish forever. I do not panic or get emotional easily. However, they may also incur certain negative traits. Boosts Confidence Students are faced with different situations and meet all types of people while living in the hostel. As one can see from the above that living in a hostel has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is not only student but also his or her parents have to make many adjustments and that is the reason why as a parent you should take into consideration positive and negative points about hostel life into account and then take the decision. One of the disadvantages of living in a hostel is that living conditions there are far less comfortable from that which you have at home. The strict time—schedules teach them the importance of finishing their work, on time and leaves them with adequate time to indulge in sports and other extra-curricular activities, apart from academics, which is crucial for their all-round development.

Essay on Hostel Life is Good or Bad? Welcome To Bad Company One of the reasons why living is a hostel is disgusting is because you are lured into bad company easily.

The youngsters learn that they are not entitled to any favours or luxuries but will have to earn their entitlements through good behaviour and disciplined approach. They learn the importance of adhering to deadlines, since hostel life is much more disciplined than the liberal atmosphere at home which may otherwise treat them indulgingly.

However, the hostel life has turned me into a bold and confident person.

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There are a lot of factors which distracts you from studying or any other business. Disadvantages of Hostel Life Here is a look at the disadvantages of hostel life: Introverts May Face Difficulty Introverts may have a difficult time interacting with their hostel mates and making new friends.

Besides, there is no choice. Coming to the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life, it depends a lot on the perception with which it is approached.

Disadvantages of living in hostel

Another negative aspect of living in a hostel is an existence of cockroaches and other insects in most of them. Hostel Life Made Me Bold and Confident As I began my hostel life, I took a few weeks to set myself emotionally and adjust to the new environment just as every new student at the hostel does. It was extremely hard for me to live without her particularly. You rarely get to see good meals on your plate. Those who get the opportunity to stay in a hostel are likely to become bolder and more confident. It is not unusual to come across instances of parental rebuke being directed towards banishing their child to a hostel as a form of punitive exercise, which somehow aggravates the fear of hostel in an impressionable mind as a dark, murky place, infested by bullies and away from the loving embrace of the only two people he has come to love and trust in his life. It is difficult to live if your neighbours and roommates are too noisy. I look forward to the table tennis room where I spend hours setting new records and the hostel ground where I sit with my friends chit chatting about various things. If there is no family member in that city, parents opt for hostels as they feel it is secured when the kids are away from home. However, I soon got accustomed to the new place and made quite a few friends. However, I soon became friends with my roommates and the joy ride began. Boredom While at home, we may get bored at times, in hostel there is no scope of getting boredom as our friends are always around and most of them are up to some fun stuff.

There is one thing that most students despise about the hostel life and that is the hostel food. I was living in a dormitory while studying at the university, almost 40 years ago.

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For example, in the dormitories of Novosibirsk State University public showers are not opened on Wednesdays, so you do not have an opportunity to take a shower. One can clearly tell the difference between a student who lives in a hostel and one who lives with parents and goes to a regular school.

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If you are a student living in a hostel, you are experiencing it already and if you have moved on to a flat, it is a far better option! While our parents do set certain rules for us they are flexible with them many a times unlike the warden who is stringent about the rules. I had never lived even a single day without my mother until that time. We do not have to wash and iron our clothes or go shopping for the daily need goods. They learn several new skills such as washing clothes, ironing them, cleaning their room, keeping their books tidy, purchasing stuff on budget and even cooking. However, hostel life also has certain set of disadvantages. Hostel has become a second home for me. However, once they are enrolled at a hostel and begin their life at this new place they need to learn to be more independent and less demanding.
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10 Disadvantages Of Living In A Hostel