Describe how two businesses are organised essay

The structure of the business will have to change to accommodate the increasing operations and demands. Geographic - Geographic structures are mostly about the size of the organisation and where it operates. Above just states one thing that each business has done to boost sales but there are many other strategies both Tesco and Nike used to boost sales levels, this includes recycling Nike , using new materials such as organic cotton Nike , providing certain food for certain ethnic areas Tesco, they have Halal meat in areas with high numbers of Muslims and delivering Tesco, another customer convenience. These strategies include how and where products will be produced. Product strategies include the design, the production-operations and marketing. This process includes hiring employees, motivating them and compensating them fairly. Hierarchical structure is mainly used in big companies like Tesco. Like Tesco Nike are breaking into different sectors of the market, one prime example of this is when Nike started to make sunglasses and sport watches, as a new target audience emerged. Below is a table clearly stating how they have implemented new ideas in order to achieve their aims: Not all aims and objectives will be stated, just the main ones Aims Measures taken to meet aims: The effectiveness of measurements 1. Tesco is a PLC Public Limited Company , which is owned through shares traded on the Stock Exchange, this enables the public to buy shares and own them for as long as they want or even sell them on for profit, floating Tesco as a PLC has helped them as its been able to dramatically grow and in the longer term make huge profits which has been one of their aims. Chester Zoo is a zoo organisation with loads of attractions for children. This means paying certain prices for weight and age of for e.

Oxfam organisational structure is geographical as they work around the world in and with alot of countries helping the less fortunate. The organization is in constant exchange with the external environment consequently it provides itself with survival Then, an account of the evolution of marketing in the United States is presented.

Improve relationship with suppliers — Tesco have got a new idea where they pay weight-for-age.

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This keeps suppliers happy, willing to do business with Tesco in the longer term and gives Tesco a good image. Once the products are produced, a marketing plan must be developed.

Describe how two businesses are organised essay

It gives Nike a better image to what it was before taking advantage of the developing countries and paying workers very little. This improves sales. Get Essay So making decisions will take long to make as it would take a long time to go up the hierarchical structure to put the idea in place. It involves the capacity needed for the functioning of the organization, but at the same time can be a source of problems and even her death of the organisation. Mainly the first instructions in a hierarchical structure will have to be the managing director because the person has the most power and be able to control the company and it will make its way down to the bottom. By this course I want to give foundation to my further development in human resources. Geographic - Geographic structures are mostly about the size of the organisation and where it operates. A small business can function with one or two people completing all the tasks and making all of the decisions. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Doing their part for the community Recently, Nike have transformed the lives of many young kids in a school in East London by providing sports equipment and money for playtime during school hours. Their goal was to fully involve all of their employees in all aspects of the business and make sure they understood that were an important part of the business and key to its success Igor and Ludmilla both built this business with hard work and a strong passion for their product. This will cut costs, though its marginal and it will enhance Nikes image which is not good from the environment side. I would like to add to the table, below is what Tesco have done to meet their aims and objectives: — Tesco has produced a website where people can get all the latest information on their products and also order them.

Every action of all organizations is possible only if it allows its realization. It gives the community a better image of Nike as a helping and caring organisation and also it may be a way or promoting themselves as the logo is likely to be printed everywhere.

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