Debilitative emotions

minimizing debilitative emotions

Share multiple feelings. Oh, how our silly minds work. They respond to our behavior with feelings of their own.

emotional contagion

Listen in on your own self-talk. Duration is another way to distinguish between a helpful emotion and a debilitating one. You know what? Distorted self-perceptions can generate emotions that interfere with effective communication. For example, interning for a week of camp is stressful and hard work.

Recognize your feelings. Social conventions and roles affect the expression of direct emotions and emotional labor, which involves managing and suppressing emotions and is sometimes appropriate.

Right — I stand corrected.

Irrational beliefs

You know what? Thoughts cause feelings; a rational emotive approach to changing feelings is to change unproductive thinking, which lies in the pattern of thought that manifests itself through self-talk, the nonvocal internal monologue that is our process of thinking. Rather, the other person is able to use us to their disposal. Gender roles often shape the ways in which men and women experience and express their emotions. There are many influences on emotional expression; we are all born with the ability to reveal emotions, but over time one develops differences in emotional expression. Rage has never contributed to effective communication. I could try to get the approval of everyone, but I would rather just get respect from the Dean and those who I value rather than the person who keeps pestering me about one small non vital detail. Chapter Outline Emotions are made up of several components. Stop and think before making judgments that will sap out our energy and make us go crazy. Debilitative emotions prevent us from relating effectively. Fear of self-disclosure exists because there are risks involved with self-disclosing, and unpleasant consequences may occur.

We try to honor others and accept all, so hopefully noone is sacrificing their principles and happiness while here. We can never wind up the subject of emotions.

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Debilitative Emotions and