Crito thesis

First, I'll consider the general structure of B and C, and then I'll evaluate argument A which they rely on. Therefore he considers whether it is morally right to pay off the guards and escape.

reasons why socrates should escape

To break an agreement is an unjust action 3. Sometimes are own morals or beliefs might oppose the views of the state or the enforced law that clams to find justice.

socrates believes one should never do a wrong to correct an injustice because:

Although Socrates believed, along with his loved ones, Plato, and his students, that he was wrongly accused and was served an injustice by the City of Athens, he is forced to defend himself and his actions at trial The very few that question these norms on the other hand have a philosophical attitude that is worth examining.

He was judged to be guilty and given a death sentence. His subjects were often humiliated.

Crito thesis

Rather live your life how you want and you will be content with it. From this perspective, some believe that because their superior is above them, they know whats better and we need to comply. He did indeed undermine the laws so they fit his ideals, leave his family, and disregard the people's values.

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Plato's The Crito Essay