Cranial nerves essay

The specialized olfactory receptor neurons of the olfactory nerve are located in the olfactory mucosa of the upper parts of the nasal cavity. From patient to patient, the exact presentation of the disease can be different.

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Any abnormalities or muscle wasting could be attributed to a lesion anywhere in the pathway from the upper motor neuron synapse, to the neuromuscular junction. The MLF allows for conjugate gaze, or the movement of the eyes in the same direction, during horizontal movements that require the lateral and medial rectus muscles.

The long course of the abducens nerve between the brainstem and the eye makes it vulnerable to injury at many levels. What are Cranial Nerves? Anosmia means that food will not seem to have the same taste, though the gustatory sense is intact, and food will often be described as being bland.

To examine the taste functions, I would ask the patient to put out his tongue. It emerges from the pons and exits the inner skull via the internal acoustic meatus or internal auditory meatus in the temporal bone. Key Terms cochlear nerve: A sensory nerve that conducts information about the environment to the brain, in this case acoustic energy impinging on the tympanic membrane sound waves reaching the ear drum.

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The vestibulocochlear nerve CN VIII carries both equilibrium and auditory sensations from the inner ear to the medulla.

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The Cranial Nerves