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You need to prove that you have some type of idea of how the professional world works.

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And execute in small steps. Tell them you can help them on a project. I will graduate [timeframe] and am prepared to bring my [type of skill], [type of skill], and [type of skill] skills to [name of employer]. Sample customized paragraph based on above: A teaching position at your school has long been a goal of mine. You need to structure your resume according to skills. In fact, it was with [name of employer] in mind that I became a [name of major] major. Liberal arts degrees are much harder degrees to obtain than business degrees and marketing degrees. All your work attacking problems may slip unseen through the cracks. Tell them what skills you acquired in your degree that can help their company. It should be the last thing—not the first—that you talk about. My friend Peter, who also had just received his PhD, had left teaching and had gotten a job doing market research. How does it fit in to its industry? Sample customized paragraph based on above: My pending degree in English, along with my solid ability to express myself persuasively verbally and in writing would enable me to add value to a position as a seminar trainer with Pinnacle. It surprised me. The content can change.

What are the most important qualifications being sought? Writing the Cover Letter What are the objectives of a cover letter?

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But their actions say something different. You have a crappy job. This is your time to shine. Finally, always thank the employer for considering your application. I would most like to contribute to the research and development team at VetMed. You get referred by a trustworthy source network! Most universities are there to help the professor. It should be. If you have ZERO work experience, a liberal arts degree, tons of student loan debt, and a desire to reclaim the ambition you had before academia spat you out of the archive with no clue of how to find a job, here are some practical career-building steps. Sample customized paragraph based on above: I am interested in speaking with you regarding an accounting position with your firm. Get a job first and then maybe see if your employer will pay for your advanced degree later. The cover letter for the Minor in Professional Writing is somewhat different because you will be placed in a specific job after your interview. These are great leads.

Along with my resume, I'm sending you some recent work and [type of samples] samples. How can you best demonstrate that you have them?

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As a new college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and considerable lab experience, I would be an excellent project manager. My wife had always told me that I should try business as I had the personality for it, but I had been too busy doing the PhD. Unless, of course, they have years of experience in the for-profit world. Get an internship or volunteer at a non-profit. Universities, professors, and liberal arts departments often believe that marketing is a dirty word and therefore lack the savvy needed to present a compelling case for the liberal arts. List each course just like a job, with location and dates on the right side of the page. You did? I recently graduated with a [name of degree] degree in [name of major] from [name of college, university]. Customizable Opening Paragraph 2:My training in [name of field] and experience in the [name of industry] industry parallels the requirements of [name of employer or program]. I am eager for a career in [name of field] and am interested in discussing with you how my skills would be of value to your organization. It should be the last thing—not the first—that you talk about. You have a crappy job. Sample customized paragraph based on above: My training in marketing and experience in the banking industry parallels the requirements of Bank of America's Consumer Banker Associate Program. As a new graduate in [name of major s ] from [name of college, university], I have gained a great deal of knowledge that will enhance your firm's success. As far as this guide and my career go, then, all roads lead back to an English Department job listing.

Customizable Opening Paragraph As a [name of major] major with practical experience and strong [type of skills] skills, I am confident that I will make a successful addition to your [type of team] team.

These are professionals.

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You apply to positions where there are few other candidates research and network! And we went around the country interviewing physicians about how they treated conditions, what products they used and so on.

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Writing the Cover Letter