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Special 26 is a thriller that reveals a young filmmaking brain at his creative best. Sukanya Verma in Mumbai.

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The film rides on the cast's very sharp performances. They are aided by a screenplay in which the details of milieu are treated as integral to the unfolding of plot. There's probably a running contest between him and fellow ubiquitous character actor, Boman Irani, to see who could score the most supporting roles.

That excellent bar scene with the complimentary soda is a testimony to their two-sides-of-the-same-coin camaraderie. In his latest offering Special Chabbis -- based on true heist incidents -- director Neeraj Pandey highlights this likelihood with his tremendous mix of shrewd brainpower against obsolete technology.

If you're even a casual viewer of Bollywood cinema you would've seen Anupam Kher by now. The film would be crisper by a good half hour if these frills were cut.

Special 26, brings a fresh idea to the table and the actors do a good job in supporting that idea throughout the movie.

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There's a stillness about him that suggests that formidable resources are in motion. Kajal and Akshay during the promotions of the movie.

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In his new film, Pandey is out tormenting the high and mighty who thrive on black money.

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Review: Special Chabbis is an exciting con caper