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The best way to challenge your beliefs is to argue the opposite. How will it affect you now?

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Nothing keeps us stagnant like our own fear, impatience, and frustration. Since then studies have shown that groups of like-minded individuals tend to talk themselves into extreme positions, and that groups of peers are more likely to choose risky options than people acting alone. If you doubt it, try this famous illustration of the confirmation bias called the Wason card selection task. You probably noticed that both situations are the same, and in terms of probability the outcome is identical whatever you pick. I'm a very indecisive person. To visit Dr. Peer pressure turned out to be 30 per cent more effective than the other motivators. Being kind to yourself increases self-confidence and lessens your need for approval. A member of the cabin crew realised the error but decided not to question his authority. By Raven Ishak Jan 21 Every day, whether we like it or not, we have to make choices for our future selves. When you answer those questions back, you should feel good about the result. And while these mental shortcuts keep you from toiling for hours over every little choice you make, they can also steer you wrong.

Note the difference in results when you overanalyze versus when you intuit your way down the right path. Previously published in Corporate Wellness Magazine, she is also an international author and speaker. Or what about this?

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Know your influences. But understanding the timing process is crucial because sometimes it is best to delay a decision, and other times delaying a response can cause more problems.

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Countless experiments have revealed that even the most normal, well-adjusted people can be swayed by figures of authority and their peers to make terrible decisions New Scientist, 14 April, p

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