Analytical essay on trifles

The opening scene of the play gives us a great deal of information about the people of the play and their opinions. Men clearly dominated almost every aspect of life and women were often left with little importance.

Second, quilts are a symbol of love and warmth, both of which Minnie lacked, and her faulty stitching on the last section of the quilt suggests her breakdown in her attempt to create order out of metaphorical scraps.

Henderson, Mr. Hale, after solving the mystery, save the murderer from persecution by hiding their findings. In Trifles by Susan Glaspell, by Alice Walker, and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid women are stereotyped by men and told to follow unwritten but expected roles such as being seen and not heard.

For instance, the color of your nails would be considered a trifle.

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The character Mrs. It was evident from these half completed tasks that something immense had happened and had driven her to commit a grave act. Susan Glaspell tells us her vision of the Wright's kitchen, where the action of her play "Trifles" takes place, through stage directions Back in the 19th century, women were treated as objects rather than equals.

However, only a limited number of works identify under this label It endeavors to expose the various male biases found in the literature.

trifles essay on gender roles

It also talks about the stereotypes that women faced. The last piece of the puzzle was an empty bird cage with the hinge broken open very aggressively.

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