An imaginary airplane crash essay

plane crash fiction

It crossed the Pacific Ocean. All of a sudden, the plane began to shake and it was shaking really hard. If we could fall into the ocean, it would not be that bad.

Practise the brace position There is no point sitting close to an exit if you are physically unable to get out. I leaf through dozens of snapshots of teenage kids—most of them now dead—at dinners, at parties, and on rambles through the city's museums and promenades.

plane crash narrative essay

I don't look back on my life and think, "God, I was in a plane crash. I couldn't hold the brace position and I bounced upright with my arms over my head. Count how many seat rows you are from an exit, in front and behind, in case one is blocked. After a while, a beautiful airline stewardess asked me if I wanted some food.

what causes plane crashes
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Essay about Plane Crash