An analysis of the secondary characters in hard times a novel by charles dickens

Sparsit keep watch at the afternoon.

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Sissy has her own set of values and beliefs which make her seem unintelligent in the Gradgrind household. Initially sullen and resentful of his father's Utilitarian education, Tom has a strong relationship with his sister Louisa.

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At a crowded union meeting, the agitator Slackridge accuses Stephen Blackpool of treachery because he will not join the union, and Stephen learns he is to be 'sent to Coventry' - shunned by all his fellow workers [34]. Gradgrind gives Sissy a choice: to return to the circus and forfeit her education, or to continue her education and work for Mrs. Book 2: Reaping[ edit ] Book Two opens on Bounderby's bank in Coketown, over which the "light porter" [29] , Sissy's old classmate Bitzer, and the austere Mrs. After a dispute with Bounderby, he is dismissed from his work at the Coketown mills and, shunned by his former fellow workers, is forced to look for work elsewhere. His true upbringing, by caring and devoted parents, indicates that his social mobility is a hoax and calls into question the whole notion of social mobility in nineteenth-century England. He feels that she will have a better life if he is not able to hinder her progress in society. Gradgrind values rationality and fact.

He is rescued by villagers but, after professing his innocence and speaking to Rachael for the last time, he dies [45]. In the end, her kindhearted nature softens the rough edges of the Gradgrind family and they come to be grateful for what she has done for them.

An analysis of the secondary characters in hard times a novel by charles dickens

Rachael will continue her life of honest hard work [51]while Stephen Blackpool will be pardoned by Mr Gradgrind [52]. Bounderby[ edit ] Josiah Bounderby is a business associate of Mr.

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Far from having abandoned him to a life of hardship, she gave him a good upbringing and, when he became successful, allowed herself to be persuaded never to visit him.

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Analysis of the Credibility of Characters in Charles