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The waiter and the girl exchange smiles. Villanelle shows up to her assessment with Jerome in a flouncy pink dress. He tries to run away but is trapped in the dancing bodies and Villanelle easily catches him, stabbing him repeatedly with a short blade, before taking off again.

Villanelle and Irina sit under a colonnade.

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Villanelle stops and walks over to the gas valve, turning it up as he struggles. When she tells him her name is Konstantin, he rips off her beard and mustache and says that he knows she used Eve's name and killed Bill. She shoots him twice and watches as he he takes his last breath.

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Eve punches him in the face, then shoves him a couple more times. She explains that she just wants to have dinner with Eve.

Eve watches this reunion between former spies and obvious professional fuck buddies! Davide calls his grandfather up to the house and hides as Villanelle waits for Greco in his bedroom. The clock is running out, and Konstantin promises the two could have a partnership and, perhaps more importantly, a lot of money.

All eve 1

Veronica tells them Frank has just left and invites them in for fruitcake. Konstantin warns her one last time to not do anything stupid and leaves. Villanelle sits down at the table as Eve gets silverware and slips a knife into her pants, which Villanelle comments on. Villanelle returns to Konstantin and threatens him with a knife to tell her what's really going on. Frank continues running toward where Eve and Elena are waiting as Villanelle shoots at him. And as one might expect, the further their lives intertwine, the worst things get—not just for Eve, but for both women. Villanelle turns around and smiles at Bill before heading toward him.

When Eve turns back around, Villanelle is gone. Diego returns and threatens that he has permission to kill one of them if they don't stop fighting. She still has a moral core—and she will still be repulsed by what she has done.

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