A history of american sports during the 1920s

Sports in the 1920s in america

Horse racing, golf, and tennis all had their fans. Helen Wills after winning a chamionship Helen Wills was one of the first female s sports stars. Baseball was as popular with African Americans as it was with whites. Sports in the s Fact The Harlem Rens: The New York Renaissance all-black professional basketball team, nicknamed the "Harlem Rens", was established in , and became the first professional basketball team. Professional football and basketball were minor sports. The fight became known as the 'Battle of the Long Count' Sports in the s Fact Red Grange: College football was extremely popular in the 's. Sports in the s Fact 8: Spectator Sports and Stadiums: Spectator sports such as basketball, baseball and boxing reached new heights of popularity in the s and massive stadiums were built in cities to cater for the increasing interest of people who wanted to watch and enjoy the excitement of spectator sports. Babe Ruth , arguably the most famous athlete of the decade, had a greater impact on professional baseball than any single player in history. Every sport had a superstar, but none shone brighter than Babe Ruth. Individual sports were a big draw as well. Those champions are used here. Ferrell made it to the major leagues in and played so well that he was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. When he hits the ball it goes into wide-open spaces. Facts about Sports in the s for kids Facts about Sports in the s for kids The following fact sheet continues with facts about Sports in the s for kids.

Sportswriters became the character delivering the news to a public that couldn't get enough. Amateurs and 4 U. Grange played for the University of Illinois and was known as "The Galloping Ghost" because of his uncanny ability not to be tackled.

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In Johnny Weissmuller went to star in Hollywood movies and made a name for himself playing the role of Tarzan in several films. He would often leave his sweater on for a few games, then take it off to make his fabulous comeback.

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Instead women participated in more 'genteel' sporting activities such as bowling, golf, boating, ice skating, tennis, archery, swimming, and horseback riding. Instead, they organized games on vacant lots.

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Despite his temper Bobby Jones became an idol for the American public which loves his sense of style, his fearlessness in playing golf shots impossible to anyone less talented.

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The s Sports: Overview